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Jewell CartalesJewell Cartales was born in Kentucky and was raised in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Her Cherokee Heritage lends itself to her exotic look. This gives Jewell an interesting, multicultural, international look. Jewell’s difficult home life growing up has made her strong, resourceful and ever compassionate to others. Because of this and her love for people, she facilitated a women’s support group for over a decade. After relocating, the women honored her by naming the group after her, calling it “Jewell’s Angels”. She also loves animals, and for many years volunteered for a veterinarian by raising and releasing orphaned and injured animals. Jewell had also spent a good amount of years traveling around the world. She was a Flight Attendant for 4 years. Utilizing the skills that she acquired working as a Surgical Dental assistant, Jewell has made several short term Mission Trips. Some of the countries Jewell’s travels have taken her are Egypt, Demark, Germany, Romania, Panama, Mexico and many parts throughout the United States. She has also traveled in and out of the United States as an actress/model. Jewell has 4 children and 10 grandchildren, which shows her deep love for children. Her grandchildren have a special name for her (My-ee), which was a name her first Grandchild insisted on calling her.

At the tender age of 7, Jewell desired to be an actress, and later was truly inspired by Sally Fields phenomenal performance in the Movie “Sybil”. Even though she was a shy little girl, Jewell started off acting in several school plays, and joined the chorus in middle school. Throughout her school years, she participated in as many plays as she could. Because she did not have the support, understanding or encouragement of her parents concerning her passion for acting, she continued to feel the pains of an unfulfilled dream for many years.


One of the riches I’ve gained has nothing to do with career or jobs or paychecks or recognition. It’s people I’ve met along the way, who bless me everyday with devotion, sincerity, friendship, and love.

Jewell CartalesIn her early 20’s, Jewell replied to an ad that actually became her first job as a model. When Jewell walked into her appointment, the casting agents were so pleased with her appearance, that they hired her that same day. She continued for over a decade as a shoe and leg model. During which time, her legs were displayed on the Leggs Panty Hose Packaging and remained there for many years after. She became the top shoe and leg model in Cincinnati, which led her to an agency contract, thereby also beginning her career as an actress. She then went on to do more than 200 commercials, training films, industrials, and worked as a Spokes Model. Jewell worked for such prominent companies as Proctor and Gamble, NCR, US Shoe, Petite Sophisticates, Casual Corner, Nationwide, Breyers, and a variety of different department stores. Jewell also appeared on various Talk Shows as well. In 2009 Jewell held the title of Mrs. Cincinnati, and in the Mrs. Ohio Pageant she was awarded Mrs.Congeniality and The People’s Choice Award. Some of the other markets Jewell worked in as an actress include Columbus Ohio, Louisville and Lexington Kentucky, Indianapolis Indiana, Hollywood, Tampa, and Orlando Florida. Still burning with a desire for Television and Film, Jewell made her way to Los Angeles, California where she began to study at Expressions Unlimited with Bobbie Chance. Unable to make a permanent move to Los Angeles because of family and other obligations, Jewell lived in Los Angeles part time for several years. She made progress each time only to interrupt it and return to her family and obligations.


We are as we are created to be, and are always drawn to that. It is not whether we succeed or fail or even whether we have tried, it is that we just keep going and learn and grow from our failures and successes.


When traveling back and forth between Cincinnati and Florida, Jewell also studied Massage Therapy during which time she earned her license as a Medical Massage Therapist (LMT) in both States. She also earned her National Certification in Massage and Body Work (NCBMT) and is qualified to teach Massage in a State licensed Massage School. During her time in Los Angeles, she auditioned and booked a job for a George Strait Music Video and was flown to Cancun, Mexico. While on location filming, Jewell was personally invited to have dinner with George, his wife and manager. The time spent with them was a major blessing and encouragement for her.


Jewell also played the role of Mary Mother of Jesus in an International Film called “Magdalena” that is shown all over the world in over a hundred languages. Since her role in this film Jewell was invited to attend a Red Carpet event in Panama, South America to premier the film. She is considered a celebrity in the country of Panama.


My mission in life is to help others and pursue my passion for acting and my love of family.